With almost 200,000 inhabitants, Limoges is a unique place where the economy finds research, training and the necessary support for its development.
A territory rich in its diversity and a region where life is good !

What is Limoges famous for?

Limoges is a town well known for its luxury factories J-M.Weston shoes, Smuggler suits, porcelain and Bernardaud jewellery …).

Legrand (a company originally manufacturing porcelain light switches), worldwide specialist in electrical installations, the head office being based in Limoges.

The town is a blend of modern and ancient architecture : The French Multimedia Library (BFM), in the heart of the town centre, was built on a site which was previously the ancient gallo-roman town forum.

Yes but where is it?

Limoges is the capital of the French Region of Limousin.

The economy in Limousin

The Limousin region as a whole is economically centred around these fields:

Food industry

Madrange cold meats in Limoges, Blédina baby food in Brive, Bijou madeleines in Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche.

Luxury Industry

From leather glove manufacturing in Saint-Junien to « custom made » seating products for places open to the general public made by Sièges d'Argentat in Corrèze (for the last 25 years).


With high tech companies like: Emakina, Statigram, Legrand, Photonis, Codechamp...

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